UHPLC, LC-MS and Fast LC Columns



Core-Shell packings .... separate page


3um packings


ACE - all phases

Chiralpak IA, IB and IC


Dikma - Inspire, Spursil, Bio-Bond

ES Industries - LC-MS Kits

Exsil - wide range

HORIZON - wide range

Inertsil - wide range

Kromasil chiral - AmyCoat, CelluCoat

ZirChrom - wide range


2 - 3um packings


ACE Excel - 2.0um, wide range

COSMOSIL - 2.5um C18-MS-II, Cholester, πNAP, HILIC

Dikma - 2.7um Leapsil C18

Fortis - 2.5um: wide range

Inertsil - 2um: C8-3, C8-4, ODS-3, ODS-4, Phenyl-3

Kromasil - 2.5um C4, C8, C18, Eternity


less than 2um packings


Dikma - 1.8um Endeavorsil C18

Eprogen - 1.5um: NPS
ES Industries - 1.8um Epic columns, HILIC columns, SFC columns

Exsil - 1.5um: wide range

Fortis - 1.7um: wide range

HORIZON - 1.6um: wide range

Kromasil - 1.8um C4, C8, C18

ZirChrom - 1.9um