Chiral Columns



Chiral phases, CSP types


Brand / Manufacturer Type of CSP
Ceramospher (Shiseido) Ruthenium complex on sodium-magnesium-silicate particles
Chiral CD, CE (ChiralTek) Cyclodextrin / cellulose-bonded silica
Chiral CD-Ph (Shiseido) Phenylcarbamated beta-cyclodextrin
ChiroSil (RStech Corporation)

(18-Crown-6)-tetracarboxylic acid

ChromTech (Chiral Technologies) Protein-based CSPs
ChromegaChiral (ES Industries) Polysaccharide (amylose / cellulose)
Cosmosil (Nacalai Tesque) Polysaccharide (amylose / cellulose)
Daicel (Chiral Technologies) Polysaccharide (amylose / cellulose)
Hichrom Pirkle ("brush-type")
Kromasil Polysaccharide (amylose / cellulose)
Macherey-Nagel Polysaccharide (cellulose), cyclodextrin, protein-based,
Merck-Millipore-Supelco Cyclodextrin-based CSP
Regis Pirkle, Davankov, crown ether, polysaccharide
ULTRON ES (Shinwa Chemical Industries) Protein-based and cyclodextrin-based CSPs