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HALO PAH, C30 phases

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ACE Method Development Kits

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33rd ISC (Budapest, Hungary)

21-25 September, 2020

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ZircoFit UHPLC Fittings

..... a revolutionary combined steel + PEEK sleeve and  crimping tool

Now you can have a custom-length (or volume) micro-or nano-UHPLC connection in a matter of minutes.
The core of the system is a combination of a PEEK sleeve with a fitted stainless steel collar on one side. Crimped with the appropriate squeezer, this assembly has a much stronger grip on the capillary than the usual conical ferrule on a plastic sleeve - it connects 1/16" PEEK sleeve onto your 360um OD fused silica tubing so that they withstand UHPLC pressures.

ZircoFit UHPLC Fitting

The starter kit contains all the parts needed for ten complete capillary connections and comes in a handy tool case: ZircoFit crimp sleeves, 1/16" conical fittings, fused silica capillaries and cutter, PTFE protective tubing, and the ZircoFit crimping tool. The latter is a squeezer that fits the sleeves onto the capillaries tight enough not leaking at 20,000 psi.

Item P/N
ZircoFit Crimp Tool ZF-CT
1/16″ ZircoFit Sleeve, 10 mm, 10 pcs ZF-ST10-10
1/16″ ZircoFit Sleeve, 13 mm, 10 pcs ZF-ST13-10
Vici SS Nut 1/16″ and SS 316 Ferrule 1/16″, 10 pcs VC-SS-F-NUT-10
10/363 Fused Silica, 5m FS-10-363-5M
25/363 Fused Silica, 5m FS-25-363-5M
50/363 Fused Silica, 5m FS-50-363-5M
75/363 Fused Silica, 5m FS-75-363-5M
Fused Silica Cutter (Cleaving Stone) FS-C
PTFE 1×0.5 Protective Tubing, 10m PT-1-0.5-10M
Starter Kit* ZF-KIT10P


* Starter Kit

1 pc. ZircoFit Crimp Tool
10 pcs. 1/16″ ZircoFit Sleeve, 10 mm
10 pcs. 1/16″ ZircoFit Sleeve, 13 mm
20 pcs. Vici SS Nut 1/16″ and SS 316 Ferrule 1/16″
1 pc. 10/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
1 pc. 25/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
1 pc. 50/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
1 pc. 75/363 Fused Silica, 2.5m
1 pc. Fused Silica Cutter (Cleaving Stone)
1 pc. PTFE 1×0.5 Protective Tubing, 5m
1 pc. Tool case holding all parts of the kit

More than 1000 deuterium lamps for equipment by Agilent, Perkin-Elmer

Dionex, Waters and 60 other manufacturers!

All lamps have a guaranteed life span of 1000 to 2000 hours. Deuterium lamps are sources of high intensity ultraviolet radiation down to 160 nm (for some models). Visible and infrared emission is negligible.
Use the drop-down menu in our webshop (www.webRshop.eu) to find the compatible lamp for your equipment.

HPLC Detector Lamps

Removes traces of impurities in the mobile phase

Ghost peaks and poor baseline are common problems when using gradient elution in reversed phase HPLC.
Ghost-Guard-LC is a mobile phase cleaning column for gradient elution. The column is filled with a propriatary mix of sorbents which removes traces of impurities in the mobile phase and suppresses the appearance of ghost peaks. This can significantly increase the analytical accuracy of trace analysis.

ANP00001  Ghost-Guard-LC - 30 x 4.6mm
ANP00008  Ghost-Guard-LC - 50 x 4.6mm

Ghost Peak Protector