Specialty Columns



Analyte Specific Columns


Acclaim Organic acids

Acclaim Surfactants

Acclaim Explosives

Acclaim Carbamates

Acclaim Carbonyls, 2,4-DNPH (dinitrophenylhydrazine) derivatives of aldehydes and ketones

Acclaim Organic acids

Cogent UDC-Cholesterol

Cosmosil Buckyprep (Fullerenes)

Cosmosil Cholester

Cosmosil CNT (carbon nanotubes)

Cosmosil Sugar-D

Eprogen PAH

Eprogen 2,4-DNPH (dinitrophenylhydrazine) derivatives of aldehydes and ketones

ES Industries Chromegabond Carbohydrate (pdf file)

ES Industries Columns for Petroleum products (link)

ES Industries Columns for steroids and fat-soluble vitamins

Hichrom PAH

Inertsil Sulfa C18 (Sulfa drugs)

Selectra EtG UCT column for polar EtG/EtS alcohol metabolites

Sucrebead Shiseido columns for carbohydrate analyses