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Specialists in ultra-durable, high efficiency HPLC phases

ZirChrom manufactures a full line of zirconia- and titania-based high performance chromatographic materials. Zirconia is chemically stable over the entire pH range from 1-14, and is also thermally stable. Titania-based HPLC columns can also be used over the entire pH range. These next generation columns are offered in both analytical and preparative formats containing a wide selection of particle and pore sizes.

300A zirconia-based phases (standard column formats - L: 50, 100 or 150mm  ID: 2.1 or 4.6mm)

Phase Functional group Particle, um Carbon, % pH range Max. temp Use
Normal phase columns
ZirChrom-PHASE --- 1.9, 3 --- 1-14 150°C Bare zirconia may be used as an extremely stable SEC phase which does not produce tailing with amines. This support can be modified for different selectivity by adding fluoride to the mobile phase. It is a good alternative to the fragile and expensive hydroxyapatite for protein chromatography.
Reversed phase columns
ZirChrom-PBD polybutadiene 1.9, 3, 5 2.5 1-14 150°C Not as hydrophobic as typical C18-silica phases, so less organic solvent is required. Selectivity is modifiable through the addition of a strong Lewis base to the mobile phase such as fluoride, phosphate or hydroxide.
Advantages over C18 silica and PRP polymers
DiamondBond-C18 C18 3, 5 3.5 1-14 200°C The C18 ligands are attached to the surface with ultra-stable carbon-carbon bonds, so the columns are impervious to extremes of mobile phase chemistry and temperature.
Method development guide
ZirChrom-CARB elemental carbon 1.9, 3, 5 --- 1-14 150°C Quality comparable or better than Hypercarb. Very good for geometrical isomer separations, superb for separating diastereomers.
ZirChrom-EZ polybutadiene 3, 5, 10, 25 2.7 1-10 50°C The zirconia particles are coated with an extremely thin layer of crosslinked polybutadiene, then the Lewis acid sites are deactivated by applying a strong metal chelator. For simple non-ionic compounds we recommend that you use about 10% less organic modifier to obtain roughly the same retention as you would on a typical C8 or C18 silica-based phase.
ZirChrom-MS polybutadiene 1.9, 3, 5 3.1 1-10 80°C ZirChrom-MS is a "deactivated" zirconia-based reversed-phase column that has mixed-mode retention characteristics which allow for LC/MS chromatography of highly basic amines with excellent peak shape and efficiency using conventional LC/MS buffer systems.
ZirChrom-PS polystyrene 3, 5 1.0 1-13 150°C ZirChrom-PS is useful for separations that require highly aqueous eluents. Not as hydrophobic as typical C18-silica phases, so less organic solvent is required. Selectivity is modifiable through the addition of a strong Lewis base to the mobile phase such as fluoride, phosphate or hydroxide.
Ion-exchange columns
ZirChrom-PEZ cation-exchange 3 --- 1-10 50°C Excellent pseudo-affinity phase for monoclonal antibody separations. The zirconia particles are coated with EDTPA.
ZirChrom-WCX weak cation-exchange 3 --- 1-10 50°C Phosphate-coated zirconia phase, useful for protein chromatography in the cation-exchange mode.
ZirChrom-SAX strong anion-exchange 1.9, 3 1.2 1-12 80°C Efficient, strong anion-exchanger - useful for inorganic and organic anions and for the separation of bio-molecules such as nucleotides, nucleosides, oligonucleotides, oligodeonucleotides, amino acids and peptides. Ideal for the separation of water-soluble vitamins.
ZirChrom-SHAX strong anion-exchange 3 0.9 1-12 80°C This phase consists of quaternized polyethyleneimine-coated zirconia. It is more hydrophilic than ZirChrom-SAX, making it useful for the anion-exchange of proteins.
ZirChrom-WAX weak anion-exchange 3 1.2 3-9 50°C Extremely stable amino phase for normal phase separation of carbohydrates.



Titania-based phases (pore: 60, 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2000A)

Phase Functional group Particle, um pH range Max. temp Use
Sachtopore-NP --- 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80 1-14 100°C  
Sachtopore-RP polyethylene 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80 1-12 100°C The selectivity of this phase is very similar to ZirChrom-PBD.



Biochromatography products

Rhinophase-AB - Zirconia-based Monoclonal Antibody Purification System
     A biocompatible stationary phase, useful for small and large-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies.

ProTain - In-Line Protein Removal System
     Incorporation of the system in front of any type of analytical column offers a selective, cost effective, and simple method
     of reducing matrix interferences for the HPLC analysis of small molecules in bio-samples.