Evosphere monodisperse HPLC particles

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Your own HALO MDK: 3 for 2

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MSB 2024 (Brno, Czech Republic)

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...now manufactured by Hichrom

Formerly made by Beckman Coulter, Ultrasphere still has high reputation

The Ultrasphere C18-IP (ion pair) phase was designed especially for ion pair reversed-phase HPLC. In general, the use of ion pairing reagents can reduce column lifetime. This phase is a C18 bonded phase, with substantially increased end capping to allow for maximum coverage which extends column lifetime, compared with the standard Ultrasphere ODS, in ion pair type applications.

Ultrasphere phases

Phase Functional Group Endcapped Particle, um Pore, A Carbon load, %
Silica - - 5 80 -
C8 C8 Yes 3, 5 80 n/a
ODS C18 Yes 3, 5 80 12
C18-IP C18 Yes 5 80 n/a
CN CN No 5 80 n/a

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