Evosphere monodisperse HPLC particles

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Your own HALO MDK: 3 for 2

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13th Balaton Symposium (Siofok, Hungary)

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... a traditional silica manufactured by Merck

LiChrosorb RP-select B was one of the first base-deactivated silicas

LiChrosorb is a reliable irregular shaped Type A silica sorbent with a particle size of  5um, 7um or 10um. A broad range of modifications on LiChrosorb are used by chromatographers all over the world for many applications. LiChrosorb sorbents are available as reversed phase derivatives (RP-8, RP-18), medium polar derivatives (NH2, CN, DIOL) and pure silica (Si 60 or Si 100).

LiChrosorb phases

Phase Functional Group Endcapped Particle, um Pore, A
Si - - 5, 10 60, 100
RP-8 C8 No 5, 10 100
RP-18 C18 No 5, 10 100
CN CN No 5, 10 100
NH2 NH2 No 5, 10 100
DIOL DIOL No 5, 10 100


All Hichrom manufactured LiChrosorb columns are compatible with the Merck Hibar RT range of columns but use standard compression fittings.

Guard cartridge system
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