Evosphere monodisperse HPLC particles

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13th Balaton Symposium (Siofok, Hungary)

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... a family of totally porous silica

An absolutely reliable choice in HPLC

Nucleosil is available in a wide range of pore sizes. Nucleosil 100Å has the greater capacity whilst the 120Å material exhibits the lower column back pressure. The 300A silica columns are used for bioanalytical separations.

Nucleosil phases

Phase Modification Formula
RP phases
NUCLEOSIL C18 medium density octadecyl, endcapped -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C18 AB crosslinked octadecyl, endcapped, high steric selectivity -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C18 HD high density octadecyl, endcapped -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C18 Nautilus hydrophilic octadecyl, embedded polar group, endcapped -(CH2)17-CH3
NUCLEOSIL Protect I special RP phase with protective polar group, endcapped  
NUCLEOSIL C8 ec medium density octyl, endcapped -(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C8 standard octyl, not endcapped -(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C8 HD high density octyl, endcapped -(CH2)7-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C4 medium density butyl, endcapped -(CH2)3-CH3
NUCLEOSIL C2 dimethyl -(CH3)2
NUCLEOSIL C6H5 ec medium density phenyl, endcapped -(CH2)3-C6H5
NUCLEOSIL C6H5  standard phenyl, not endcapped -(CH2)3-C6H5
Polar phases
NUCLEOSIL CN cyanopropyl (nitrile) -(CH2)3-CN
NUCLEOSIL NO2 nitrophenyl -(CH2)3-C6H4-NO2
NUCLEOSIL OH diol (dihydroxypropyl) -(CH2)3-O-CH2-CH(OH)-CH2OH
NUCLEOSIL NH2 aminopropyl -(CH2)3-NH2
NUCLEOSIL N(CH3)2 dimethylamino -(CH2)3-N(CH3)2
NUCLEOSIL SA benzenesulphonic acid, strongly acidic cation exchanger (SCX) -(CH2)3-C6H4-SO3Na
NUCLEOSIL SB quaternary ammonium, strongly basic anion exchanger (SAX) -(CH2)3-C6H4-CH2-N+(CH3)3Cl
NUCLEOSIL SiOH unmodified (SiO2)n


The Hichrom manufactured Nucleosil columns use standard compression fittings.

Guard cartridge system
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