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Jordi Labs manufactures a unique line of GPC columns featuring a highly crosslinked, 100% divinylbenzene (DVB) backbone. Jordi DVB columns offer unsurpassed strength and durability as compared to conventional GPC columns, which typically contain silica-based or polystyrene-DVB (PS-DVB) stationary phases. A proprietary DVB chemistry provides a stationary phase that exhibits versatile solvent compatibility, high pressure durability (30,000psig), high temperature stability (150 C) and performs well across the entire pH range (0-14).

Jordi Labs SEC columns

Gel Functional group Pore, A Use
DVB --- 100 ... 100 000 DVB columns are prepared from 100% divinyl benzene as compared to the more common polystyrene divinyl benzene copolymers used by other manufacturers. They are compatible with high temperature, pressure (30,000psig) and the widest range of solvents.
DVB Fluorinated fluorinated benzene ring 100 ... 100 000 These columns provide both high speed and high resolution molecular weight information. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice the quality of your molecular weight data to obtain short analysis times.
DVB Hydroxylated hydroxylated 500, 1000 Hydroxylated DVB columns are applicable to the analysis of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HMPC) and its derivatives.
DVB Glucose glucose ring 100 ... 100 000 Glucose columns provide a very hydrophilic, polar surface chemistry for GPC analyses in aqueous buffer solutions or organic solvents. These columns are applicable for a wide range of polar polymers.
Solvent compatibility - 100% organic to 100% aqueous buffers.
DVB Sulfonated water wettable sulfonate 100 ... 100 000 Sulfonated DVB columns are an excellent choice for the analysis of anionic polymers in aqueous buffer solutions. Sulfonated groups are attached to the surface of core DVB particles imparting a strong negative charge to the surface. Ionic repulsion prevents column sample interactions.
Solvent compatibility - 100% organic to 100% aqueous buffers.
DVB WAX secondary amino groups 100 ... 100 000 WAX columns are an excellent choice for the analysis of cationic polymers in aqueous buffer solutions. They have a poly-amino surface chemistry which becomes positively charged in acidic solutions. Ionic repulsion prevents column sample interactions.
Solvent compatibility - 100% polar organics to 100% aqueous buffers.
DVB RP C18 ODS 100 ... 1000 DVB C18 RP columns are 100% carbon loaded as opposed to silica columns, providing greatly increased sample loading capacity. Selectivity is similar to C18 silica based columns, with slightly weaker retention as compared to Jordi DVB columns. Mixed mode separations can be accomplished in acidic solutions by forming a positive charge on the amine group.
DVB Polyamino secondary amino groups 100 ... 1000 These columns contain secondary amino groups which quaternize in acidic solutions allowing mixed mode ion exchange and normal phase separations. NP mode is used to separate molecules based on their polarity as opposed to their hydrophobicity as in RP. Weakly polar compounds are found to elute first followed by more polar components. This can be used to fractionate a sample based on the functional groups present in each molecule. Gradients are the opposite of those typically used for RP chromatography and thus a gradient from a non-polar solvent to a more polar solvent is used.
xStream H2O polyamide 100 ... 100 000 This revolutionary column allows for the broadest range of separations currently obtainable with any GPC column. xStream columns were designed for aqueous GPC separations including the analysis of dextrans and polysaccharides. It performs equally well for the analysis of organic soluble polymers including the analysis of polystyrene or other common polymers in THF or chloroform. It is also an excellent choice for the analysis of nylons and poly(ethyleneterepthalate) in hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP). A single xStream column can be used for aqueous or organic GPC analysis by simply changing solvents.
Protein Peptide polyamide 10 000 These columns are a polyamide based gel for the reverse phase analysis of peptides, proteins and other small molecules. Peak shapes for many basic organic materials are also improved. Peptide protein columns are currently being used by major pharmecuetical companies as well as goverment health organizations.
Fast Protein   NP These non-porous resin columns allow the rapid analysis of peptides and proteins using gradients of water to acetonitrile containg 0.1% TFA. Columns are prepared from 100% divinyl benzene imparting greater strength and rigidity to the gels. This allows the use of nearly any solvent for column conditioning including 1M NaOH.
Column dimensions

250 x 10 mm (standard), 500 x 10 mm, 300 x 7.8 mm, 250 x 4.6 mm, 150 x 4.6 mm