Helix Chromatography



Evosphere monodisperse HPLC particles

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HALO PCS: 3 for 2

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ISSS 2024 (Messina, Italy)

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Selectivity of Mixed-Mode

Different controllable mechanisms of interactions

Mixed-mode chromatography is a separation technique that utilizes two or more interactions to retain and separate organic / inorganic compounds.

Coresep fused-core HPLC columns


Analysis of ...
Coresep 100
Coresep 100 is 2.7um, core-shell reversed-phase cation exchange column, similar to Primesep 100 and Primesep 200.
weak / medium bases, amino acids, metals
Coresep SB
Coresep SB is 2.7um core-shell reversed-phase anion-exchange column
acids, bases, neutrals, zwitterionics, natural product extracts
Coresep S
Coresep S is 2.7um HILIC/cation-exchange column
Suitable for the separation of common sugars and other neutral, very polar molecules. Retains and separates amino acids with different buffers at low concentration. Separates weak bases by ion-exchange mechanism, acids by ion-exclusion mechanism.


Amaze HPLC columns


Analysis of ...
Amaze TR
Amaze TR is a tri-modal reversed-phase cation- and anion-exchange column
It is compatible with 100% organic and 100% aqueous mobile phase due to multiple polar embedded groups. Its carefully designed stationary phase has a high density of ligand, providing a great capacity for neutral, acidic and basic compounds.
Amaze QR
Amaze QR is a quaternary-modal reversed-phase column
Multi-modal interaction allow to separate compounds that differ even slightly in chemical and physical properties.
Amaze TH
Amaze TH is a tri-modal HILIC and cation- and anion-exchange column
Separates polar neutral, polar acidic, polar basic, hydrophobic acidic and hydrophobic basic compounds in one run.
Amaze HD
Amaze HD is a bi-modal column (cation-exchange and hydrogen bonding)
Can be used in normal, HILIC or cation-exchange modes, depending on the mobile phase composition.
Amaze HA
Amaze HA is a bi-modal column (anion-exchange and hydrogen bonding)
Can be used in normal, HILIC or anion-exchange modes, depending on the mobile phase composition.


Daze 47 HPLC columns

Daze is a multi-modal HPLC column designed for analysis of real marijuana samples, not just standards.
A unique chemistry on the surface helps to avoid interference coming from components of plant extracts, edibles, and other infused marijuana products.
It’s a perfect choice for analysis of potency of marijuana, as well as contaminants like pesticides. The column is fully compatible with LC/MS mobile phases for trace analysis of contaminants.